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Summer Tech Testimonials

“got game?” 

HTI’s “got game?” Summer Youth Work Experience is a six-week work experience wherein youth, ages 14 – 21 years of age, are hired as Product Designers required to produce educational game prototypes based on local and national educational and literacy standards. Youth are paid a minimum wage (averaging about $1,300), and they gain mastery in subjects that have otherwise been difficult for them to conquer in the regular intermediate and high school classroom settings. HTI continues to negotiate with various high schools on O`ahu to secure recovery credits in those subject areas for graduation.


Testimonies from Product Designers

“I loved Summer Tech!!! I’m going to miss everyone. So sad we can’t come back! (Project Supervisor) is the best mentor ever! Wish I could come back!!!” - -  Anonymous

“I LOVED THIS PROGRAM so much. It was very informational. The staff was DA BOMB. Continue da good work. You guys hired really great people that were willing to help us. They also understood us very well so it made things a lot easier.” - - PC

“WOULD LOVE TO COME BACK. To me, Sumer Tech was ‘killa’, had da ups and downs but more ups then all. Had a blast. Summer Tech is a good way to start kids off in life, because it helps them get ready for the real world.” - - Anonymous

“Very good environment for a beginning work job. Maybe next time they should have another instructor instead of only aunty (project supervisor) to share the work load. Learn some LIfE skills too which is a Plus! Thanks for the life lessons!” - - KT

“This program was very well balanced with fun and work, I am Happy I joined this and feel everyone should get to do this once.” - -  Anonymous

“Mahalo to all staff. Love you All.” - - JA

“I really like the daily protocol a lot!! Instructors were all very nice!!” - - Unknown

“I feel that the program was very effective in training the younger students. I truly feel that (project supervisor) has done an excellent job! And, highly recommend that she be kept on as a primary trainer.” - -  DR

“This work experience was fun yet very educational.” - - Anonymous

“On the training not being what I expected, I’m trying to say that the training was awesome. The whole course was surprising in oh so many ways, I learned so much about myself and my culture I leave this job with more knowledge and I wish I could stay. This program changed me.”

“(The project supervisor) was one of the best instructors I’ve ever had, she was clear and to the point yet caring and understanding. She taught us to do our job and built up our spirit and pride in our culture at the same time. I will never forget about the experiences I’ve had here and leave better than when I arrived. During this program I felt more proud of my culture and work ethics than ever before.” - - KOM

“I loved it!” - - JM

“Was fun. Wish we could continue Summer Tech.” - - Anonymous

“(The project supervisor) is a real, straight to the point, awesome, thankful boss!!!!” – Anonymous

“I had the most fun in Summer Tech. (The project supervisor) was great she’s so fun and cool. I love (the project supervisor). (Both of the assistant supervisors were) ok. I just like to come back to HTI with the same people because it is so fun.” - - JR

"I have fun in Summer Tech. I could learn how to work on the computer. I like this class so much I just want to come back next summer.” - - RA

“My supervisor and helpers (EA’s) were very helpful during this work experience. I really liked my primary supervisor. I really just want to thank (the project supervisor) and all her assistance help, I really enjoyed working here. It just felt like another home for me and I really liked making a game.” - KS