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Alumnni Testimonies

“I learned a lot at HTI. HTI not only stretched my mind. It stretched my soul and being.” - - M. Palepale, MAP18

“I always had confidence in myself. HTI helped me with my knowledge as an MA. Amazing staff that helps you to learn what you need to be a great medical assistant.” - - C. Baconis, MAP18

“The teachers at HTI give you every opportunity to ask questions, have procedures demonstrated to you, and walk you through all techniques to help you develop your skill." - - C. Christensen, MAP18

“HTI gave me the opportunity to learn about being an MA and assured me that being an MA is what I wanted to do." - - J. Javar, MAP18

“HTI has opened doors to my future in the medical field and I am so thankful." - - C Lenchanko, MAP18

“This HTI experience helped me gain knowledge, skills, and confidence in my career field.” - - A Wakakuwa, MAP18

“I would highly recommend Hawaii Technology Institute’s OTM class to someone who is in a time in their life where they don’t know what else they want to achieve or if they want to learn something new outside of their career. We learned a lot about ourselves from the inside as to who we really are and what we want to do and achieve in the next chapter of our lives. Having this experience has opened a whole new world for me.” - - Jerri Abasial OTM 2009

“I didn’t expect much to come from taking this program. Yet, in about four month’s time, I have learned about so many aspects of pharmacy, the human body and its systems, and myself. Before I decided to come here I seriously began doubting whether or not I had what it took to be someone great. Through this experience I now know that I always had the determination to graduate from college and accomplish something great in my lifetime.” - - Stacie Medeiros PTP 2009

“I realize this experience has allowed me the opportunity to grow even more and not take education for granted. From the everyday lessons at HTI to the workplace at Alu Like I am so grateful and so blessed. Thank you very much.” - - Penny Muller OTM 2009

“Through all my experiences, I have learned essential business and work ethics without which I would not be able to function effectively in any business office. I have taken valuable steps towards achieving my short-term goal of graduating from my Office Technology Management Program (OTM). I will be able to take all the experience and knowledge into the work field, and be a valuable asset in successful company’s work place. I feel I have gained valuable knowledge through all my teachings and guidance and I am well prepared to meet any expectations.” - - Kaleo Gandauli OTM & MAP 2009

“More opportunities have become available to me because of this experience and certification. I feel confident about moving into an inpatient setting, should I choose that route; or changing my current outpatient employment…I also feel more secure in an ever-changing economic environment. I know I will be able to take care of myself and my family in a financial crisis. I alone make the decisions that direct my path in this life. Knowledge is the best weapon in this unsteady economic environment. I will strive to better myself.” - - Glannie Kodama PTP 2009

“I decided to attend Hawaii Computer Training Center (HICTC), now known as Hawaii Technology Institute, in 1996. After receiving my certificate of completion, I moved to Maui and put my entry-level admin skills to use. With all of the skills and knowledge I obtained at HTI, I continued to move up the ladder in every company that I worked at. Within a year, I was promoted to Job Placement Specialist, then Office Manager, and finally, Chief Executive Officer. I am truly grateful for all that Hawaii Technology Institute has done for me. With perseverance, hard work, and having excellent resources at hand (such as HTI), anything is possible. Mahalo nui loa Hawaii Technology Institute.” - - Sharel (Freeman) Feliciano – C.E.O. – Aloha International Employment, Inc. ITM 1996

“Hawaii Technology Institute has helped me to attain the knowledge and skills I need to acquire gainful employment. Moreover, HTI has also provided me with the life skills and values that help me with everyday life. I now feel very responsible and am able to meet my financial obligations to my family. I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking to make some major life/career changes. Being a student at HTI gave me the motivation to strive to be a positive influence to people in my life." - - David Lewis – Logistics Administrator OTM 2007

The Hawaii Technology Institute (HTI) has allowed me to explore the medical patient care industry and find out whether or not I could make a career as a medical assistant. As a Registered Medical Assistant working at the Waikiki Health Center, I now realize that HTI has, indeed, provided me with the basic structure and internal drive to pursue a higher level of patient care, as either a respiratory therapist or registered nurse." - - Gloria Gaines MAP 2008

“The staff was very welcoming and honest when they said “you are in this for the long run, it won’t be easy but if you come every day, work hard at what you want to gain from this program, your life will change”. How ever big the project was, I could handle it. HTI, not only the program but also the people behind the program, offered me encouragement.” - - Beverly Derit – Medical Receptionist OTM 2006 & MAP 2008

“Hawaii Computer Training Center (HCTC), now known as Hawaii Technology Institute (HTI), changed my life. I gained a new sense of direction, learned new skills that gave me a competitive edge in my career and gained a deeper understanding about Ohana (Family).

I took a step forward by attending HTI. I acquired skills that enabled me to become an independent learner. All the instructors at HTI really believed in helping the students. It was inspiring to see how much they cared for each of us; they laughed when we laughed, cried when we cried, and did everything within their power to help us succeed.

I am currently working as a Patient Advocate. All the skills I’ve learned helped me acquire and maintain my position.” - - Michelle Jenks – Patient Advocate OTM 1996

"In January 1995, I entered Hawaii Computer Training Center, now known as Hawaii Technology Institute. I graduated in April 1995 in Office Systems Operations. With the knowledge and skills learned, along with the job placement assistance received, I was able to gain employment with ALU LIKE, Inc.’s Central Administrative Office as a Receptionist/Clerk Typist. A year later I was given the opportunity to move into the Fiscal Office as an Accounts Payables Clerk. It has been over 10 years since I first began my career with ALU LIKE, Inc. Currently I am with ALU LIKE, Inc. as a Specialist III in the Fiscal Department and am on my way to earning my AA in Accounting from the University of Phoenix." - - Darrah Lee – Fiscal Specialist III ITM 1995

“I came to HTI because I was looking for a career change. I was interested in medicine and I wanted to help people. But as a single mother of three, I never thought I would have the money or support to be able to go back to school. With financial aid from OHA I was able to enroll at HTI. My instructors were awesome and very knowledgeable. Anytime I needed help they were always there for me. Toward the completion of my program, HTI helped with my resume, interviewing skills and helped me find a job. I currently work as a pharmacy technician at Times Supermarket. If it wasn’t for HTI, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” - - Lehua Rowland – Pharmacy Technician I PTP 2007

“When I first came to HTI I was computer illiterate. Over the next 14 weeks at school I was able to study, learn and grow in the world of technology. I am now a certified Microsoft Office Specialist in Word, Excel, and Access and I no longer fear the computer! After completing the Office Technology Management program, I enrolled in HTI’s Medical Assistant program. HTI helped me get an internship at Waikiki Health Center and that’s where I work today. I am grateful for HTI’s support and wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.” - - Melissa Kolo – Medical Assistant OTM & MAP 2006

“Attending HTI was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I was a truck driver for more than 30 years when a medical condition forced me to stop driving and look for a new job. I knew I needed to learn how to do something else to support my wife and me. The first day I walked in to HTI, the warmth and aloha that greeted me was overwhelming. The welcome was so genuine; it was like I belonged there. HTI puts the quality of education for every student above all else. They even made the financial aid process easy and straightforward. Attending HTI has opened a lot of doors for me and I owe the entire staff more than I could ever pay them back.” - - John Priestley – IT/Administrator OTM 2007

“When I came to HTI, I had been trying to finish my degree in Healthcare Administration but I was unable to get or grant or scholarship for college. A friend told me about HTI and that the school offered a Medical Assistant Diploma program. The program included office technology management classes that helped me get certified in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access. Developing those skills alone opened more doors for me and helped me land my current job at The Learning Disabilities Association of Hawaii. I am currently in the last semester of the MED program and I plan to make use of it on the Leeward Coast. Because I am part Hawaiian, I was able to attend HTI free of charge. Thank you, HTI, for all the mana’o kokua, malama, ho’iho’i that I received as a student here.” - - Daphne Kahawai-Tom – State Improvement Grant Coordinator MAP & OTM 2006

“From the moment I walked in to HTI, I knew it was a special place. My future was in the hands of loving and professional instructors who made every effort to teach technical knowledge as well as life skills. Their enthusiasm inspired me to learn as much as possible and helped me achieve my dream of computer efficiency. Currently, I am pursuing my MBA in Business Management at the University of Phoenix.” - - Puamana Crabbe – Hawaiian Studies Teacher OTM 2005

“Aloha. I’m a proud 2003 graduate of Hawaii Technology Institute. HTI provided me the computer skills needed to pursue a career change. One hurdle I encountered was my lack of computer skills. HTI helped me solve this problem. The learning process was intense but personal interaction with the staff and students made it easier. One of the most rewarding and valuable experience was the two weeks of internship. This was my opportunity to use my computer knowledge in the real world. HTI Human Resources helped me find a really interesting career. Best of all, I directly support the CIO of Hawaii Pacific Health. It is hard work at times, but with the skills gained at HTI, I confidently meet all the challenges that are presented to me.” - - Doreen Spencer OTM 2003

“My name is Teri Savaiinaea and I reside in Waianae, HI. I am a proud former student of Hawaii Technology Institute. At HTI I learned not just about computers but the fellowship, my Hawaiian culture and the teachers and staff who were very helpful and took the time to make sure we were all helping one another. I thank Papa Mika for all his love, compassion and wisdom that he bestowed upon all of us. Thanks to HTI and the knowledge I received there. It made a differnece in my life and the jobs I was so blessed with because of the knowledge, skills and hands on training.” - - Teri Savaiinaea OTM 2005

“Hawaii Computer Training Center’s name was changed to Hawaii Technology Institute and they were starting a program called Women in Technology, which was later changed to Na Wahine O Ke Au Hou (Women of the New Era). Through this program I was able to receive Official Certifications,Microsoft Office User Specialist in Microsoft Office XP Word and Excel. The classes were very informative and of course, awesome instructors. I completed the course in 2002.

I always say, “It’s NEVER TOO LATE to learn.” - - Jacquelyn A. Smith ITM 1994

“This experience has helped me see what it’s really like as a medical coder and what skills you need to succeed in this field. Once you put effort into achieving, you can take (any) opportunity as far as you want to go and specialize in any area you choose. Self discipline, hard work and determination are definitely key skills to have including attention to detail & maintaining accuracy. This opportunity, provided by HTI, has made me grateful that I am more than willing to rise above the next challenge.” - - Nerissa Rodrigues HIT 2011

“I have learned that I KNOW that this is the field for me. Although this was an accelerated course, I feel that everything that was taught is important. I appreciated the time and efforts the instructors gave, to make sure we understood the principals, procedures, vocabulary, and the concept on what being a Medical Assistant entails.” - - Diane Phillips HIT 2010

“This experience allowed me to develop and maintain knowledge and understanding of financial education and the experience of working with youths and families who want to buy homes. Even though my main focus is on the medical assisting field, being able to experience what Hawaii Community Assets has to offer me, will benefit about the importance of community and giving to under-served areas. I believed my confidence in assisting the staff of Hawaii Community Assets will allow me to gain the knowledge and learning experience in hopes to help Hawaii’s community in home buyer education and in hopes to bring this kind of knowledge back home. It was through these times that I felt I was able to learn and grow the most in developing my skills over the course of this internship. And they all were most responsive to my requests and always made me feel like a full-time member of the team.” - - Emmie Tangonan MED 2012

“This internship has proven to be highly instrumental in providing me with an insightful and comprehensive over-view of the office work and its environment. Being on the floor enabled me to see and experience firsthand, exactly what the job entails and what I can realistically expect. Hawaii Technology Institute taught me everything they could. Familiarity and experience gained through this internship will prove to be an invaluable asset in helping myself and anybody else going through their internship, decide if it’s the right field for them.” - - Myles Manliguis MED 2012

“My experience helped me to understand what it is like to work in a back office with duties involving a computer. During my experience I got to utilize the skills I gained at Hawaii Technology Institute. I got to have hands on experience, which was really useful because it gave me a general idea of what my future job may ask me to do. This experience has helped me to realize that although I love interacting with customers/visitors, in person and on the phone, I also like doing more general office duties. I enjoy a lot of responsibilities in my work duties and I prefer a fast paced work environment. I am looking forward to utilizing the skills I’ve gained at NHCS and HTI for my next job.” - - Malia Valencia-Kauhi OTM 2012

“My experience during this internship has helped me gain knowledge about this career field by giving me hands on training in this field. I’ve learned that patience really is a virtue in the office field. I’m not big on having patience, but after this internship I think I’ve developed a good sense of patience. From the military, to security, to the office field a lot has changed. New experiences, new things to expect, my experience has broadened my mind about the office field.” - - Douglas Brown OTM 2012

“This internship has given me an experience that I will remember and will help me in bettering my future. Because knowing that I want to get into the health field this is a step for me that I can bring forth, in choosing a job, either a front office job at a clinic or hospital or after I continue my education in completing the medical assistant program I could work in the back office. In having this experience and knowledge from my internship will give me a more positive attitude and confidence in myself of knowing what will be expected towards getting into this type of career.” - - Jessica Gines OTM 2011 & MED 2012

“I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to work and complete my internship at American Para Professionals Services because it is just an awesome atmosphere to be in. The employees are very welcoming and aren’t afraid to have a little fun as long as work gets done. If I was to get an office job, I would recommend APPS and they would be the first place I would apply with. They helped me every day if needed and they are so supportive. I believe if given the opportunity to work with the team, one could only succeed. The staffs as well as the owner are such wonderful people. They only want the best for others and they treat every customer that walks through the door with kindness and compassion. I have never seen this before with any other company. Thanks to the awesome staff at APPS, I now have the confidence to do office work without hesitating if I am doing it right. They taught me if you know what you are doing, then trust in your skills and get the job done.” - - Kyllie Kalani OTM 2011 & MED 2012

“This experience taught me many things, from front to back office. To become employed in this position you need to be really independent, friendly, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.” - - Jazlin Porter MED 2012

“This experience has given me the opportunity to see how they do extensive research on organizations and use the internet and database to help with current and future events. I was involved with different aspects of the boycotting process. I was given information on the purpose of the boycott to clarify and questions from the members. I had the opportunity to deal with the public and provide information. It aslso gave me the opportunity to deal with rejections in a positive way. I attended (a) conference where I witnessed team work and collaboration preparing the members of what’s to come. I sat in a negotiation session that gave me a firsthand view of the process. I am glad that we were involved with the different departments.” - - LaVerne Kiaha OTM 2012

“This whole experience gave me a lot of knowledge I need to get into this career field. During our class sessions at HTI, I learned a lot about the different drugs and how they are used. I also learned how to convert all the different measurements that are used within this field. During my internship, I learned most. I took all the knowledge I gained in the classroom and used them in the work settings. This was a very good opportunity for me. Thank you.” - - Kimie Akiu PTP 2011

“As a cashier I got to learn the different drugs and ways that they work. This made me realize that this could be a career for me. I was noticed by my pharmacist and got moved up to a pharmacy technician. I would like to thank Long’s Drugs & HTI, because without them I would have never had a career goal to achieve.” - - Travis Kunipo PTP 2011

“From unit dose, to reading, labeling, & filling prescriptions, (I was) forced to pay closer attention to detail & realize that taking notice of my surroundings is vital. As I spent my time at Tripler, I appreciate all my responsibilities. Communication is the key to success in the pharmacy. Long hours, determination, & hard work are put into taking care of public health.” - - Jerica Tani-Higa PTP 2011

“Going to Hawaii Technology Institute for the Pharmacy Technician program has gave me a lot of knowledge about this career. Before coming into the PTP, I thought the career was all about putting pre-packed medications into a bag and giving it to a patient. HTI taught me a wide range of everything that deals with being a pharmacy technician, such as learning the brand and trade names and what they treat, the side effects, and instructions to take the medication. The calculations class always helped me threw the times I had to work in the IV room. All the different ways of calculating solutions was definitely used when I did my internship. All my knowledge will be put to good use.” - - Crystal Donato PTP 2011

“It was awesome to find out that this challenge was harder than I thought. As classes started, I was so very new to all this, but my challenge was to win. The staff here is very compromising and they have the ability to share with the students (what they need to know) I would like to acknowledge all the staff for their teachings. I will use it to my ability to make this career prosper in my future.” - - Candice Ah Nee OTM 2011

“When the situation called for it I was able to perform (by) myself. On a few occasions not everyone who said they were able to attend to perform showed up so, I became a fill-in. I landed a part time job for a tourist shop and actually enjoy it. This experience has helped me gain more knowledge about business and technology. It has given me the ability to qualify for many office and business type positions. I am very thankful for the opportunity I was given and would like to do the same for those who are in the same position as me or just would like to further their education through an alternate route. “ - - Ariel Josue OTM 2012

“During internship I was able to find a lot of things out about myself. This field, to me, is a perfect match for my practice because it will continue to give me the balance between living ‘in’ this world, without being ‘of’ this world. Mahalo!” - - Iclynn Kekoa-Asperilla OTM 2012

“This experience for me was great. It was a great experience for me and I enjoyed meeting and working with the people in Tripler. I met new people every day and I learned new things every day. I learned that there were a lot of medications, some were refrigerated, some were non-formulary, and some were for babies/children, some for chemotherapy, vials, unit doses and much more. I learned that it takes a lot of patience to get the job done because if you do something wrong, an innocent person will suffer. When I’m working, I’m in this zone where I am totally dedicated to my work and I am completely focused. I double check my work before turning it in, also triple check. But, this was a great experience and I’m glad to have had this experience.” - - Amanda Kepa PTP 2012

“Math class was surprisingly my favorite class. (The instructor’s) style of teaching made it enjoyable to learn and retain what he went over. (He) was good at breaking it all down though. That’s what made it easier to retain and apply during my intern/externship. In a retail pharmacy I didn’t have a lot of calculations but being able to go to the pharmacist and show him my work and get feedback that way was great. The pharmacist informed me that it’s good that I know this, if I were to be a lead technician and come across what I thought was a mistake because of my knowledge and certification I would be able to point it out and assist in preventing errors. You must have a willingness to learn in this field because everything is constantly." - - Keahi Williams PTP 2012